One Punk At A Time

This is A National 5-STEP PROGRAM To Empty The Streets Of 1,000 Homeless, At-Risk Youths, Prostitutes, Gang Members And Other At-Risk Youths Through Reorientation, Rehabilitation And Empowerment, One Life At A Time

This project is one of the many projects passionately designed by Banwo Ghetto Dreamz Initiatives all in the bid to help the less privileged in our society get off the streets and up in their lives, thereby giving them hope of a better tomorrow and inspiring the youth in the area of Education, socio-economic development, skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship.

The project is a well thought through project that has its main focus on finding ways of redirecting the youths from vices such as Prostitution, Homelessness, illegal migration, Internet Fraud, Militancy and Criminal Activities to more positive and self-actualization activities leading to a better Nigeria.

To make it easy for measuring program impact and sponsor participation, we are focusing on a 5-STEP progressive program that will help our dis-enfranchised youths get back on their feet over a one year period. The 5-step process is carefully planned to get off 1,000 people off the streets every year by focusing on one person at a time.


" To help 1,000 youths get off the streets permanently, each year, into more productive and self-fulfilling lifestyles every year in a sustainable manner.
" To motivate, inspire and encourage the at-risk youths such as the internet fraudsters, militants, homeless, addicts, prostitutes, gang members and petty criminals about the alternatives to destructive lifestyles and show them the possibilities for self-realization within the bounds of legal and organized society.
" To promote individual industry, entrepreneurship by inspiring hope, confidence, self-belief and hard work among the growing youths and the at-risk populace
" To provide necessary trainings, seminars, and camps necessary to help the less privileged, unemployed, homeless, widows and at-risk youths in our society acquire the practical skills to be self-dependent.
" Above all, we drive to sensitize the youths on the ills of living lives outside the law including dangers of prostitution, drug trafficking, fraud, armed robbery and violence etc. by showing them possibilities for positive self-actualization in a structured program.

Rejuvenation360 Inc. will be supporting this initiative by donating a 50 Cents of Every bottle sold in the entire company every month towards the Operation Empty The Street Initiative
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