Ghetto Dreams Foundation

Supporting and Providing Opportunities For Creative People From the Inner City Neighborhoods
The Ghetto Dreamz Foundation was founded by Dr. Ope Banwo, Our Founder with the primary objective of helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, at-risk youths, and struggling creative people to achieve their dreams of success.

The Ghetto Dreamz Foundation will pursue it objectives by providing Training, Technical Assistance, Motivation and Mentorship to creative young people from less privileged backgrounds in order to help them achieve and maintain their dreams.

As part of its activities, the Foundation gives out Yearly Awards to creative young people to help them pursue their dreams, Organize periodic Trainings, Seminars and Lectures for creative Young people and Source Mentorship to help them with their personal career development.

The Foundation will also organize an Annual Awards to recognize and reward creativity from disadvantaged and at-risk youths.
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