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We close our books every week on THURDAY at MIDNGHT U.S. CENTRAL TIME for some commissions and every month at MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH.

All Commissions earned during the month are accumulated in the Distributors Corporate Account and we pay ALL Commissions earned during the month to Distributors on a Monthly Schedule calculated as follows:

We Compress the system and cut off our records every THURSDAY NIGHT AT 12MIDNIGHT Central Time in order to CALCULATE the FAST START BONUS AND POCKET BOOSTER BONUS THE WEEK. The Commissions earned for each Week will be shown in the back-office of each distributor and accumulated for the month.

The TOTAL ACCUMULATED commissions in the Distributors Account will then be paid on the 1ST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH in the payment option chosen by the distributor (Please make sure you have gone into your back-office to select HOW YOU WANT TO BE PAID. We cannot pay your commissions until you tell us where to pay it.)

ALL COMMISSIONS are remitted to Distributors on the 1st Friday of every month. Checks will be mailed out that day to those who are receiving payment by check while those receiving payment by WIRE TRANSFER, CREDIT WALLET, PALUTION, PHONE OR PAYZA will have their money deposited directly into their accounts by 2pm ON 1ST Friday of the month.

Other Commissions such as the MATRIX COMMISSIONS, MATCHING BONUS are compressed and calculated at MIDNIGHT on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. Commissions due for the month are the credited to the account of the distributors and paid on the FIRST FRIDAY of the next month in which they are earned. In order words, Commissions are paid on the first week of the new month along with the other weekly calculated and accumulated Fast-Start Bonus and Reju-pocket booster

Our RANK ACHIEVEMENT BONUS is calculated from the month when the Rank Achievement occurs. Rank Achievement Bonus is due at the end of the 2nd Consecutive Month following the month in which the rank is first achieved.

Therefore the Bonus for achieving rank will be paid in the 1st week of the third month

Illustration: If you achieve Manager Rank in the 10th or 15th of 27th, or any day in October, YOUR Rank Achievement Bonus is due AFTER 2 consecutive months following the month of October (that's December). Therefore, your Rank Achievement Bonuses will be paid along with monthly commissions to paid for the month of DECEMBER (i.e., this will be on 1ST FRIDAY IN JANUARY).

The other bonuses attached to the RANK ACHIEVEMENT BONUS, other than Autoship Waivers, (i.e. Cash, Car Allowance and Vacation) are activated at the same time after 2 consecutive months following the month of achieving rank.

All AUTOSHIP WAIVERS will be given in the month following the month of achieving rank (I.E if you achieve a Rank in November, you get Autoship waiver for December)